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Your health has three states "full, injured, and dead".

Any injury you suffer (anything as painful as stubbing your toe) reduces your health to the next state down. No matter how bad the injury is (even things that would normally be fatal), it only ever reduces your health by one state.

If your health reaches "dead" then you die - but it is impossible to die in any other way.

If your state is "injured" you can eat a mushroom to increase it to "full".
You gain a health bar with 10 hearts. If your heath ever reaches 0, you die - but it is impossible to die in any other way.

The most damage any one event can cause you is 6 hearts. However minor things (anything as painful as stubbing your toe) all do 1 heart of damage. Injuries in between these two extremes do a proportionate amount of damage.

You regenerate 1 heart per week. Your injuries heal as the hearts of damage they caused heal.


Some examples:

Falling off a skyscraper - 6 hearts
Being crushed under rubble - 6 hearts
Being decapitated - 6 hearts
Getting in a car accident which would normally have been fatal - 6 hearts
Drowning - 6 hearts

Being beaten within an inch of your life - 5 hearts
Getting terminal cancer - 5 hearts
Stabbed in the chest - 5 hearts

Being severely beaten - 4 hearts
Stabbed in the gut - 4 hearts

Falling down a flight of stairs - 3 hearts

Getting punched in the face by a boxer - 2 hearts

Stubbing your toe - 1 heart
Hitting your funny bone - 1 heart
Scraping your knee - 1 heart
Hitting your head - 1 heart


So I could develop cancer or AIDS or some other normally fatal disease, then as my health regenerates at 1 unit per week, I'm cured in 5 weeks? But if I get cancer, then stub my toe or skin my knee a few times all the same week, I'm dead? This is actually interesting.

Can I see my health bar? For example, I probably wouldn't know the instant I develop cancer, so I wouldn't know to be extra cautious that week being down 5 units, or any time I'm less than 7 for that matter. However, if I had a way to check my health bar (like maybe it was conveniently located in the upper left of my field of vision), then I would know to just stay in bed for a while when my heath gets low.


@RbrtKurtz - My thought is that you know what your health is at all times in one way or another. I posted this option and we had an in-person discussion first, and we discussed that it is a lot scarier if you don't know and it makes it a lot worse of an option. So we'll say that you do know your health at all times.

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